Club Series 2.0

Promotion Duration : 10th June - 16th June

The VIP Club Series 2.0 - Every Points Matter!

Choose your 8 Hours shift, top the leader board and win Bonus

Utilize your poker skills and treat yourself to an amazing payday, play on “The VIP Club Series 2.0” between 10th June - 16th June on our various cash tables.

How this promotion works?

Any player who plays on PokerSaint Cash tables will be eligible for this promotion. This is a 8 hours VIP Race program. When a player wins one race in a particular category, that player is awarded with certain prizepool and certain Leaderboard Points in that category. At the end of the promotion, player will eligible to claim the Bonus based on the Accumulated Leaderboard Points.

Prizes to be won:


Points Slab Per Leaderboard Point Value
301 and above 700
251-300 600
200-250 500
176-200 450
151-175 400
136-150 350
121-135 300
101-120 250
76-100 200
51-75 170
31-50 130
.11-30 100
Upto 10 50

Terms and Conditions

  • A player has to reach minimum required hands or VIP points in any stakes (mentioned below) to be eligible for the daily prize pool.
    • Diamond VIP Race- 700 VIP Points
    • Platinum VIP Race- 400 VIP Points
    • Gold VIP Race- 150 VIP Points
    • Silver VIP Race- 60 VIP Points
    • Bronze VIP Race- 20 VIP Points
  • Any player who does not reach the minimum requirement in any stakes will not receive any prize money and the particular race will not be considered for the multiplier.
  • All items given as gifts/ Real Chips will be liable to taxes and duties that must be borne by users.
  • All prizes will be distributed to the players within 20 days after the promotion.
  • Any users found colluding or involved in any other sort of fraudulent activities, will not be liable to receive any prizes.
  • All winners of gifts must provide their images, video, and interview for media bites and shall remain the property of Pacific Gaming Pvt Ltd as requested by the company.
  • A user can claim only one prize during this promotion.
  • Cash prizes and gifts cannot be combined / transferred.
  • Eg 1: Player A finishes, the race with 301 Leaderboard Points, then the Prize Money will be the number of points multiplied with the Leaderboard Point Value slab

    301 * 700 = 210700

    Eg 2: Player B finishes, the race with 200 Leaderboard Points, then the Prize Money will be the number of points multiplied with the Leaderboard Point Value slab

    200 * 500 = 100000
  • PokerSaint's decision will be final and binding for any disputes arising during this promotion.