Terms & Conditions for Money Multiplier Teaser Week

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Terms & Conditions for Money Multiplier Teaser Week
  • A Player has to achieve the minimum number of races in particular category to be eligible for Multiplier
  • If a player achieves 1st place in 5 races combined all categories, will not be eligible for any Multiplier. Eg: 1st place in Bronze 3 times and Silver twice
  • A player has to reach minimum required hands or VIP points in any stakes to be eligible for the daily prizepool.
  • Any player who does not reach the minimum requirement in any stakes will not receive any prize money and the particular race will not be considered for the multiplier.
  • Any player can claim Multiplier Bonus on maximum 5 Race winnings.
  • Any player can play on 2 more category races and claim Multiplier on all the categories in which he/she is eligible at.
  • All items given as gifts/ Real Cash Chips will be liable to taxes and duties that must be borne by users.
  • All prizes to be distributed to the players within 15 days after the promotion.
  • Any users found colluding or involved in any other sort of fraudulent activities, will not be liable to receive any prizes.
  • All winners of gifts must provide their images, video, and interview for media bites and shall remain the property of Pacific Gaming Pvt Ltd as requested by the company.
  • PokerSaint's decision will be final and binding for any disputes arising during this promotion.