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Banking FAQ

How can I make a withdrawal? Are there any restrictions?

Withdrawals can be made through the cashier in the software, accessible by clicking on the ‘Cashier’ button at the bottom right, then by clicking on the withdrawal tab. Methods through which you can make a withdrawal will be displayed on the left. On any withdrawal below Rs. 100, a transaction fee of 2% will be charged.


How many times can I withdraw and how much can I withdraw in a day?

You can withdraw up-to 9,999/- maximum 5 times in a day. Withdrawals more than Rs.9, 999/- will be processed within 24 Hrs and may be liable to taxes as per rules stipulated by the Govt. of India. (Taxes and duties may apply).


My cash-out did not happen instantly. Why?

Apart from wrong user bank details or IFSC, there may be a delay or failure if the Instant transfer mode is down for the receiver's bank. Also, there are 60 banks which support Instant transfers. For other banks, there will be a usual TAT of 30 minutes of banking hours. In case of such failure, the status update is shared with us within 3 working days and in the same time-frame; and the same is updated to Pacific Gaming Pvt Ltd.

Disclaimer - Withdrawals to Nationalized Banks may sometime take longer than usual due to an inconsistent IMPS Infrastructure.