Play chips have no monetary value and can be used to practice your poker skills. You will be provided 2000 play chips when you register on PokerSaint. As these chips have no monetary value, there is no stress of losing these chips. These chips can be bought from our platform anytime when exhausted for a particular amount mentioned. These chips can only be used on “Play Tables”.


These chips can be used to play on our famous cash tables. You can play with these chips and even convert them into real money which can be en-cashed within 30 seconds.


At PokerSaint we believe in giving back more to the players who play on our platform. The more VIP chips you collect, the more benefits you have. These VIP chips can be converted to real money anytime which is en-cashable. There are several VIP chips’ based promotions on PokerSaint like our famous VIP Race.


Saint Chips is introduced as an additional incentive to our loyal players apart from VIP chips. These chips can be exchanged on PokerSaint to buy items on our Saint Store.


Tournament chips can be used play the legendary tournaments on our platform. Every time you win a tournament, you will receive your winnings as tourney chips. Converting these chips to real chips may have some Tax implications based on your winnings. On several occasions, PokerSaint announces benefits like its Tourney Leader board challenge where you can use these Tourney Chips to win several goodies or incentives.